I am a creator of sacred space, of holding open an invitation to the unknown for you to dive into and safely explore. There is a way back to your wild gorgeous playful sensual self. I know this because I took the journey to rediscover mine and I have found a way… (hint: it might happen at an intuitive painting retreat.) One of the ways is through following my intuition while I am holding a paintbrush. Another is by moving my body and sitting in circle with women and speaking our truth no matter what it is. I love these moments because they are so juicy and alive. It’s become my work to bring that feeling of aliveness to other women. Days spent in dreamtime where we can let go of the familiar and immerse ourselves in creative exploration lead us back to our soul, that wise beautiful voice inside us. We honor our muse and give her a place to speak her guidance to us. We learn to trust that voice again. In my journey with intuitive painting, I have found a wise voice inside myself and one of the things we’ll do at a workshop is to start to find yours. We will be like the flower and make ourselves ripe for feasting from our muse, the bee.

Inner guidance comes in the form of many names.


I like to think of mine as archetypes and I’ve

discovered them thru painting. I call on these

goddesses all the time, especially when working

with my students. They are unique and yet intertwined.


I will help you find yours when we paint…

XOXO for love
Mistress of the Butterflies heading

She is in service to the butterflies… to their whimsy, beauty and freedom.

She is full of child-like wonder and pure delight. She loves to braid her hair and skip thru the world, especially on grass covered in dew.

She whispers her secrets and longings to the wind knowing she will be heard. She giggles with the joy of a carefree girl.

She paints pink hearts, lime green squiggles and florescent hothouse flowers in landscapes big enough to walk into and live within.

She only believes in possibility.

Radiant sacred porn star of paint heading

She is playful, provocative and outrageous is a good way.

She’s a bit of a graffiti artist and loves to leave her mark on a painting, usually in brash red words and sexy images.

She loves and appreciates her body and wants more than anything to help women love and appreciate theirs.

She has taken on the sacred work of healing sexual wounding and the shame women have around their bodies through delicate excavation wrapped in fierce love and protection.

Her wisdom of the sensual female body is vast and deep and she shares with gentle generosity.

High priestess of lust and fairy dust heading

She is the one who weaves magic.

She is wildly intuitive, seeing thru the veil that separates the physical and spirit world.

She speaks her truth and walks her walk. Her invitation is one of a deeply experienced life full of real true beauty, creativity and love.

She shows up in a painting as wisps of shimmering glitter and the magical accident of wet colors colliding, creating the unexpected.

She moves thru the world radiating divine feminine power, lighting a path others can see and follow.

Credentials heading

In case you are wondering what else makes me qualified to do this work…

I have an MFA and taught art at the college level. I also taught figure drawing for five years mostly with adults who  were finding their way back to art after career and family, and I gently guided them thru that tender reawakening.

I facilitate meetings professionally, guiding groups and teams through often challenging change processes using visual and creative methods. I help them see where they want to go and how to get there. My work is shaped from the Art of Hosting community of practice, which honors the individual, revers the circle and the power of participatory leadership.

I also coach individuals, uncovering their dreams and desires, finding the edges of their growth and illuminating possibility.

I am certified Master Facilitator of Intuitive Painting and the Expressive Arts from Creative Juices Arts, my dear friend Chris Zydel’s teacher training program.

I’ve been a yogi for almost 20 years (including yoga certification) and dance the 5 Rhythms every chance I get.

Love heading

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Missives from the butterflies. Occasionally.